Bigger, better visit SLO

Picture courtesy of Flickr of SLO from Bishop's Peak.
Picture courtesy of Flickr of SLO from Bishop’s Peak.

One of the most important aspects of writing this blog is that I enjoy doing it. I love traveling and exploring new places so I take pride in finding the best places and activities for my readers and followers as best I can.

All of my viewers have been from the United States, which is what I have strived for as locals would be more likely to actually visit SLO. I have received 65 views, 35 visitors, 9 likes, and 2 followers but no comments. I would appreciate feedback from my viewers and followers in the comments so that I could find out exactly what you all like and dislike.

I’ve tried to create a website where visitor information about San Luis Obispo is centralized, simplified, and insightful. Here is how I am going to fully achieve this goal:

1. Better writing.

While my posts have improved from week to week, I still have a lot of room for improvement. I will create work that has writing with more depth and insight to better engage and inform my readers.

2. Better layout.

I have a simple blog layout that is generally easy to follow but its (what seems to be) endless scrolling can discourage viewers from scrolling through the end of the blog. I will find a layout that makes pictures the center of attention and not the endless writing.

3. Bigger, better pictures.

Because San Luis Obispo has such beautiful, natural beauty, merely describing it in words does not do it much justice. I will make it a point of adding more vibrant pictures to my blog posts so that my viewers can get a real feel for SLO.


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