$20 Outdoor Activities – SLO

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a video is worth infinity times that.

I’ve told you all about how much beauty San Luis Obispo has to offer and I’ve offered a few pictures here and there but realistically these don’t do SLO much justice.

Next week, Visit SLO will be releasing a short video about outdoor activities in SLO for less than $20.

The video will be showcasing all the ins an outs of stand-up paddle boarding on the Central Coast as well as hiking trails in San Luis Obispo.

About a 15 minute drive from SLO, Morro Bay is one of the most popular destinations for paddle boarding, locally.

What is paddle boarding? In simple terms, you stand on a surfboard and use a paddle to push yourself through the water.

This will be my first time paddle-boarding so I will be on the same boat as any first-time visitor.

I will be hiking another popular destination, Bishop’s Peak.

Hikespeak describes Bishop’s peak as “The most sought after summit in San Luis Obispo.The iconic mountain has a rocky crown shaped like a bishop’s miter, which provides panoramic views over the city and nearby peaks.”

The video will include visitor information, expert sources, local restaurant options, a sunset time lapse from the top of Bishop’s Peak, and scenic views of both Morro Bay and SLO.

Copyright free image of stand up paddle boarding courtesy of Flickr.

If you have any tips or suggestions for my trip, kindly leave a comment.

Stay tuned!


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